Great to Cool (American edition)

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Great to Cool (American edition)

René C.W. Boender (1958) was barely twenty years old when his international career in marketing and advertising took off. The American McCann company offered him the chance of a lifetime! He participated in a number of advertising campaigns for major brands, among which were Goodyear and Coca-Cola, Ola and L'Oréal, and also Nestlé and H&M. At the start of the nineties he established his own agency: BBCW. As of the year 2000

He tours the world as a keynote speaker, guest lecturer, and con- sultant to large international companies and CEOs, as a brain agent, innovation futurist and trendteller. Great to Cool is the book he promised his audience to write. In this book he energetically shares his vast knowledge, experience, and insights, by way of brain candies with a bite. Enhancing business happiness is René Boender's primary goal, in his keynotes as well as in this book. Page after page, you will find yourself becoming happier. 100% sure!


'Great to Cool is really cool! Read it, absorb it and share it.' -  Jeremy Sanders

'Great to Cool is all about the future of success! The brain candies are delicious. René Boender shows you marketing is now all about participation and connection, and no longer about the strong-arm force. It's a must read!' - Raymond Young

'Great to Cool is everything you want, it's an innovation driver. It's the breakthrough knowledge you want to have. It's fun and most of all: the best management book since I started to read this kind of books.' - Lisa T. Sanders

'It is one of the best management books ever that energised me. Well done!' - David Brown

'Your Great to Cool book is fantastic!' - Wilson Smith, GE

'Great to Cool is unlike all other management books. It's not sleekly written to please you. it sells you more than just a bunch of brain candies. It sells a way of life and a way of being. It's a hit and fun to read. It gives you energy and most off all JFDI!' - Thomas Fuller

'We loved all the tips that you shared on marketing, innovations, personality and leadership.' - Mike Douglas

'Great to Cool took us on a journey to success.' - Patty Roberts

'Great to Cool will help you on your way to business happiness and reshape the way you see yourself and those you around you. René's brain candies are the energizers to break the rules and go for it. Coolness is within reach if you really want it! A great book!' - Robert McDonald 

'Great to Cool is one of the best books to get you and your company in the action mode.' -  Thom Wilsons, GE

'Great to Cool is a great read and breathtaking.' - Philip Sanders

'Great to Cool brings together practical information on how it really works and best practice guidance in one energetic volume. It is a practical handbook for all business people that want to be successful (again). It combines all matters in a very special brain candy way of thinking. The book provides clear guidance, case studies and brain candies to solve the leaderships issues and make yourself heard. It's truly one of the best business books that I have read over the last couple of years.' - Stefano Iggly, Managing Director

'it's an invaluable cool book for anyone who wants to make a name for themselves, their ideas and their organisations.' - Marcus Star

'I started reading Great to Cool and I love it.' - Arden Rose, Artist

'Great to Cool means a movement! It’s a new energy, new thinking and finding new contact possibilities. Business life is full of challenges: what really counts is how you deal with them. From now on we do it in the “brain candy” way.' - Davis Burk, Rapid Falls USA

'This is fantastic! I'm sure it will be a global bestseller.' - Daniel R

'Great to Cool is awesome. I already look forward to receive more brain candies.' - Daren Crown

'It's a book with a big WOW!' - Stella de Windt

'Dear René, wow, Sometimes opportunities come gift wrapped. In the case of Great to Cool and your keynote, that was the case. You are so bulls eye, spot on.We needed inspiration, intellectual stimulation and most off all fresh perspective to see everything in a new context. Thanks you for your great attribution at this summit. I call it Appleism.' - Patricia Reid / Leadership Development program USA

'Dear René, It was a big surprise to have you as a keynote performer. Great to Cool is really written for performance. And engineered for success. Unlike most management books, Great to Cool (and your keynote) sells you more than sleekly designed marketing tricks. Great to Cool energizes a way of life and a way of being!' - Dex Donovan / Barcelona Innovation Event

'Rene Boender's Great to Cool is Inspirational. Not only a ripping great read, but a constant source of insight and creativity! Enjoyed every story! An unconventional book from a wonderfully unconventional man!' - Peter Hinssen/keynote performer & writer The New Normal

'It's easy to get impatient on your quest to be the best.After reading Great to Cool and visiting René’s keynote, I felt pumped up and ready for action! And then you wake up the next morning and things are pretty much the same! Until you feel the sweet brain candy is doing its work again (and again). When you're impatient and want to shake things up, you simply read it again and you start to change your business life! Thank you René, Great to Cool is an attitude!' - Stanley K. Reid/Miami Summit 2011

'Dear René, the presentation of Mr. W. Buffet was great but you were cool! Awesome. It was a pleasant surprise to receive your book with the warm recommendation from him to read it. It’s true! It is essential reading for every CEO needing a blueprint for the role of CEO, to reinvent yourself including an overview of organizational structure, corporate strategy, management systems and finance. I just wrote a Mr. Buffet a thank you note! Great to Cool is truly the best management book I have ever had. And I have them all.' - Henry Green Jr

René, Great to Cool is awesome. It's is essential reading for every CEO needing a blueprint for fun and business happiness. The Great to Cool keynote was filled with pragmatic insights, proactive strategies, best practices and 'going dutch' in marketing. Top class! - D. Deutch / NY



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