Cool is Hot (American Edition)

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Cool is Hot (American Edition)

Ambitious, inspirational brain twists with a mission!

Cool is Hot is much more than just another book. Each brain candy leaves you bubbling with newfound energy. Just like in the bestseller Great to Cool you’ll embark on a trip and find yourself making numerous decisions along the way. Page after page, you’ll feel the adrenaline flowing as you do what you have to do in the present day and age. Change with a mission. Effortlessly and light-heartedly, but with depth too, René Boender presents you with meaningful insights, tips, and above all, opportunities. Every single brain candy is easy to read and makes you long for more.  You can start right away; what’s more, you’ll be rearing to go. Use Cool is Hot and you will immediately be on your way to Business Happiness. That's the ultimate goal, so have fun!