Solmaz Esmailzadeh

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Solmaz Esmailzadeh


Solmaz was intrigued by anything mystical from a very early age. She watched over her mother and grandmother’s shoulder in the kitchen throughout her whole childhood. Later in life she became an engineer and entered the corporate world only to realize that her heart and passion realy lie very close to her roots. Together with her mother Bulbul she decided to share their roots and the ancient knowledge they had brought with them from their home country, through food and community. Their family lunch room in Amsterdam stood for connection and ‘food as medicine’: colourful plates with exciting flavours that nourish both body and spirit. 

A Culinary Journey Rooted in Tradition
  Roootin’s Iranian Kitchen offers a close look into the kitchen of an Iranian family and their evolution from traditional flavours to a signature Roootin taste.
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